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the Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse

Mishaal HP*, Sire
1996 - 2013

*Mishaal HP
(Ansata Sinan x Mesoudah M)

1996 Grey Egyptian Arabian Stallion
Egyptian Event Reserve Senior Champion Stallion

Mishaal HP was bred by Horst Preuss and came the the US from Germany in 2004 to take his place in the renowned Arabians LTD stallion barn. His rare pedigree drew Arabian LTD's General Manager Shawn Crews to him. When Shawn and owner Judy Sirbasku began looking for a stallion to bring new blood into the ALTD gene pool, they were searching for a stallion who carried either the blood of Ansata Sinan or the blood of Imperial Madheen.

In Mishaal, they found an incredibly rare combination of both bloodlines. He was sired by Reserve World Champion Stallion Ansata Sinan, and his mother, Mesoudah M, was a full sister to Imperial Madheen.

Since his arrival in early 2004, Mishaal proved himself to be everything hoped for by producing babies who share his great size, long, straight legs, beautiful huge eyes,lovely little ears, very dished faces, and consistent movement and athleticism.

In 2013 Mishaal had an adverse reaction to a medication and was lost so quickly nothing could be done to save him. We will hold dear his legacy through the foals he sired.